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Acupuncture Electrode Applies resonant frequencies to acupuncture points and meridians Cosmetic and Facial Electrode Applies resonant frequencies on…



We could call it version 7 with all the improvements that have gone into version 6 over the last 3…



The CoRe Plasma Generator uses modulated plasma light from argon, neon and xenon gas filled bulbs that transmit light particles…

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Certificate EN ISO 13485-2003+AC-2007 Certificate DIN EN ISO9001 Health Integrator Declaration of Conformity Bioresonance LaesEr Declaration of Conformity Inergetix CoRe…


High frequency electric therapy

this post provides some insight into use of the new High Frequency generator – please also view our Applicator User…

Bio-LaesEr Bioresonance
RIFE Frequency Therapy

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There is plenty of material on the web for “Royal Rife” so I do not need to replicate this but…

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Magnetotherapy Applicators

New Magnetic Applicators A special feature of our energy medicine oriented hardware is the fact that you can attach specially…



Hi, Helga its Kim Cook  I thought I would take a minute to write about the success I have been having and thought…


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Bioresonance-LaesEr Testimonials

I would just like for you, Kiran, and all who created and shared in this technology to know that it has been the best tutor, and counselor, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical block extinguisher that I have experienced.  I am in dedication to the Divine Plan and feel that the CoRe and my experience utilizing it, will

Marco June 8, 2016

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Bio-LaesEr changes level of anxiety, presence, need to control

I had to deal very much with anxiety in my life but after having 9 sessions with the Bioresonance LaesEr nothing is able to bother me anymore. Very rapid changes on all level, on the physical, mental and emotional level.

Steve McLean June 8, 2016

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Treatment of suizidal Depression, Addiction, Bipolar

I have been a Core4 User , then a Core5 one, today a  Core6 user.. I bought the BioLaesEr in september. Sure it has been a great luck to meet you on my way…. I am very happy with my devices (“your’s!), and your philosophy sounds strong for me, even if I am not able

Roselyne MOREL June 8, 2016